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One platform for all quizzes

Create Public Quizzes

Creating public quizzes is made easy with Quizboot. You can put up your quiz for anyone to take.

Create Private Quizzes

We identify some people want it personal, not a problem. Create private quizzes for a set of people by giving them a unique key or id to access the quiz

Monetize quizzes to a larger audience

Make money by creating quizzes for the large audience base on quizboot while improving their learning experience

Select from 6 question types

MCQ, theory-based questions and other types are available on quizboot. Create any form of questions with the best and easiest experience.

Easily import questions

Import ready-made questions from your files and upload them easily on quizboot. Questions can be imported from google-docs, Microsoft word and other word-processing software

Get a personalized Quizboot page

Imagine having a branded website for quizzes? Quizboot will help you create a sub-domain for your quizzes without hassles to boost efficiency and branding.

Mobile Friendly

Take quizzes on the go with your mobile phones and any device you use. We built our platform majorly for the best user experience.

Schedule quizzes

Feature your quizzes to your students, employees or friends at your own time.

View leaderboards

Check your scores and compare them with other quiz takers. This will help you record your score and earn accomplishments among peers.

For students

As a student, you can:

  • Take preparatory quizzes for tests & exams
  • Take creative and fun quizzes
  • Take challenges and get rewarded
  • Share quiz with friends

For teachers

Quizzes help students to build motivation to study, create long-term memory, score higher grades in exams.

  • Give Assignments
  • Grade your tests easily
  • Create creative and fun quizzes
  • Setup tests and exams

For businesses

Assessments help employees to make informed decisions, Quizboot is the superpower to:

  • Create tests for job applicants
  • Create survey tests for your customers
  • Evaluate employee’s skill and knowledge

What people are saying

Connecting with people that make quizzes on subject matters that interest you is such a great feeling.

chike Chike Nwadiogbu

Quizboot is not your regular quiz app. The best part about this app is that it lets you challenge your friends and colleagues.

priye Priye Dagogo-George

The guys at QuizBoot built magic.

emmanuel awotunde Emmanuel Awotunde

Quizboot is a really amazing app. I can't wait to share this with my friends!

aisha A'isha Ajisafe

Quizboot gives me the opportunity to test my students' knowledge easily.

geebee Blessing Gabriel

There are no limits to the things you can achieve on Quizboot when it comes to making or taking quizzes

babatunde Olatunde Babatunde