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Mathematical equations are now supported #systemUpdate

With great joy, i would like to inform you that mathematical equations can now be written directly anywhere on quizboot.

`a > 0`,
`ax^2 + bx + c = 0`
$$x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}.$$

All you have to do is wrap your mathematical expression with ` (backtick).


Reference ( for more equations that can be used. (TEX) format is also allowed.

Mention(@) auto suggest #systemUpdate

Hurray! quizboot now support mention auto suggest. To make use of it type @username. As you type you get suggestion of users with such username or name. Isn't that cool? Keep enjoying yourself while we are here trying to give you the best experience on quizboot.

System update (semi private quiz)

We now support creating of private quizzes, these are quizzes that are not visible to the general public except the people you give the quiz key.

Tho this is not totally private because anyone with the quiz key can access the quiz.

We are actively working to achieve a fully private quiz functionality, So you can have the ability to restrict your quizzes totally.

System update

It is of great pleasure that i announce to you that can now automatically get the top attempts of a quiz. Enjoy the day.

System update

We are glad to announce to you, that now has the support to post essay type of questions, where you can score your attempts manually.

System Update

You can now follow people directly from the search result, without having to click their profile before you can follow them.

if you change your email, you now receive an email to confirm the updated email.

Our email notification is up and running

Our email notification service is up and running, make sure you confirm your account to enjoy Quizboot features to the fullest. We have more packages and services loading up. Stay tuned and enjoy your experience with Quizboot.

Mention and Hashtag (New Update)

Waooow, we now support the use of Hashtags and mentions (e,g) @peterolayinka #itBeenALongDay #iThinkINeedSomeRestNow.


Just keep having fun we are right here, working to make your experience better on QuizBoot.

if you have any suggestions for us kindly drop us a message.

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