Hello there! Welcome to Quizboot. We believe that learning should be engaging, fun filled and rewarding.

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Quizboot is an ed-tech company that makes learning fun, exciting, easy and rewarding.

We allow you to create quizzes, tests, assessments, exams and other forms of question and answer format for students, corporate organizations and employees.

Our major aim is to make learning fun, rewarding and stress-free both for the teacher and students.

Our solution has helped many students get high grades, improved learning experience, optimized teaching and, some employees have been able to take an aptitude test and have gotten jobs through Quizboot.

We are a team of highly-skilled and dedicated professionals who are passionate about creating learning experiences that are fun, engaging and rewarding.

We are inspired to see you become the best you can be, and we won’t stop ensuring that.


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Creating assessments has never been easier! Assess your students, friends or employees on quizboot.

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